Personal Information


Dr. Samwel S. Mhajida


Contact Address:

P.O Box 2329,Dar es Salaam,
Email: mhajida@yahoo.com

Education Profile

2017- University of Goettingen, Germany, PhD (Social and Cultural Anthropology)
University of Dar es Salaam, MA in History
2004- University of Dar es Salaam, BA(ED), Bachelor of Arts with Education

Areas of Research

  • Ethnic history of Tanzania (History of the Datoga and Mbugwe of Tanzania).
  • Urbanization and the impact of informal economy on the urban youth
  • Gender history
  • History of the youth movements

Teaching Areas (Undergraduate and Post-graduate Levels)

  • Philosophies and methodologies of History
  • Regional histories
  • Themes in African History
  • Economic History of Tanzania

Publications and Conference Papers

  1. Priya Lal(PhD), “Reviving Student Activism at the Hill”, in the Codesria, Journal of Review of Books (ERB), March, 2012

  2. The collapse of a pastoral economy: The Datoga of central and northern Tanzania, 1830s – 2000s (book) forthcoming – 2018.

  3. I presented paper titled “Sources of history of liberation struggle in Southern Africa”, at the Department of International Development, Oxford, United Kingdom: 16th February 2013

  4. I presented paper titled “The Orphans of the plains: negotiating livelihood amidst    changing ethnic relations on the changing ethnic relations on the Singida“Mbulu border, 1984 – 2012”, at the Maxplanck Institute for the study of religious diversity, University of Goettingen, Germany, November 26th, 2015

  5. I presented paper titled “A gendered History of the Mbugwe in colonial Tanganyika, 1920s – 1950s” , at a conference on Gender and Development, Granada, Spain, 8- 11, April 2015