Dr. Emiliana John Mwita (Dean, FoHSS)

Welcome Note:

The Faculty of Humanities and Social science is the largest Faculty at the college, hosting about 4000 students and 102 vibrant and focused academic staff. The Faculty envision to provide high quality teaching, cutting edge research and community service in Tanzania and beyond.

The Faculty members are committed to addressing the academic and physical needs of all learners. We prepare committed teachers and leaders ready to make an impact on learning and human development in Tanzania and around the world.Our Faculty members in the Department of History, Political science and Public administration and Development studies are specialized in party politics, internet and politics, E-Observation and online campaigning, public administration, human resources management,applied ethics, public health,gender issues,History and Archeology.Geography and Economics Department staff have diverse experience in environmental management issues, environmental education, climate change, natural resources management, demography and population studies, GIS and Remote sensing, development economics, environmental economics, agriculture and industry economics. Languages and Literature Department staff, teach and research on African languages, linguistics and languages (Kiswahili, English and French), literature and translation.

Joining our Faculty is the best choice one can make as we give the best quality service and experience to our learners and clients.


Dr. Emiliana John Mwita Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences