Personal Information


Mr. Conrad John Masabo
Assistant Lecturer   

Contact Address:

P.O Box 2329,Dar es Salaam,
Mobile:+255 674 923 976 /+255 753 956 019

Education Profile

2017- Norwegian University of Science and Technology, MPhil (Childhood Studies)
2015- Pan African University, Master of Governance and Regional Integration
2010- University of Dar es Salaam, BA (Education) History and Political Science
2004- Diploma in Education, Marangu Teachers College, Tanzania

Areas of Research

  • Politics and Democratization in Tanzania
  • Gender and Politics
  • Child Work and Child Labour  
  • Natural Resource Governance
  • Regional Integration, Peace studies and Conflict resolution

Teaching Areas (Undergraduate Level)

  • Civil Society and the State
  • Local Government Administration in Tanzania
  • Political Thought and African Political Thought
  • Government and Politics in Tanzania

Publications and Book Reviews

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Book Review

  1. Masabo, C. J. (2017). Review of “Chinese Economic Diplomacy: Decision-making actors and processes” by Shuxiu Zhang, East Asian Integration Studies, available athttps://asianintegration.org/chinese-economic-diplomacy-decision-making-actors-and-processes/
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