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An Organization Structure of the Faculty


Dean: The Faculty is headed by the Faculty Dean who oversees all matters pertaining to the functioning of academic matters, administrative issues as well as staff welfare. Currently, Dr. Emilliana Mwita is the Dean of the Faculty.


Associate Dean: The Faculty Dean is assisted by the Faculty Associate Dean who oversees mainly matters related to academics. Additionally, the Associate Dean supervises administrative and the staff welfare. Currently, Dr. Julius Mngumi is the Associate Dean of the Faculty.


Heads of Departments: Each Academic Department is managed by the Head of Department. Currently, Dr. Devet Goodness is the Head of Languages and Literature Department. Dr. Abel Kinyondo is the Head of Economics and Geography Department. The Department of History, Political Science and Development Studies is headed by Dr. Edwin Babeiya.


Examination Officers: All matters pertaining to examinations are handled by Examination Officers for each department. The Examination Officers oversee preparation, invigilation, marking and handling of examinations in the Faculty. In addition, the processing, uploading into ARIS and deliberations of results are also supervised by Examination Officers.


Administrative Officer: All matters related to administrative issues are handled by the Senior Administrative Officer in collaboration with the Office management Secretary.


Teaching/Lectures: The classroom works and seminar administration are controlled by members of academic staff.


Organization Structure