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French for Beginners Programme


The FoHSS at Dar es salaam University College of Education invites applications for admission into French for Beginners Programme.


Eligible applicants: Any student who never studied French; Students who studied French up to Form two level; Form Four or Form six leavers; and/or Any member of public who wants to study French for specific purposes.


Programme Description: French for Beginners Programme intends to help different categories of people to learn French in small classes that offer opportunities for interaction. The courses enable students to develop communicative competence both in speaking and in writing. The courses are designed in accordance with the language levels as defined by Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).



• French for Beginners Stage One

• French for Beginners Stage Two

• French for Beginners Stage Three

• French for Beginners Stage Four

• French for Beginners Stage Five


How to apply: Applicants can send an email to language@duce.ac.tz.


Duration: Each course takes 45 hours.


Semester 1: 20th January 2016 to 15th April 2016

Semester 2: 20th April 20th to 20th June 2016


NB: The learner can opt for any number of courses which can be taken in any order. Learners can make local arrangements with teachers on commencement of a particular course.


Fee structure per course: DUCE students: 100,000/=, DUCE staff: 180,000/=, others 220,000/=

Application fee: DUCE students 5000/=, DUCE staff: 5000/=, others 10,000/=

Registration fee: DUCE students 5000/=, DUCE staff 5000/=, others 10,000/=

Examination fee: 10,000/=


The fees should be paid to the following bank account: CRDB bank account, Pugu Road Branch, A/C Name: DUCE pre entry, A/C Number 01J1092000004.


For more information, contact

Head, Department of Languages and Literature, Dar es Salaam University College of Education, P.O Box 2329, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Tel. 022-285-0419; Mobile: +255713592978; Email: language@duce.ac.tz