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Towards Attaining a Bachelor of Arts with Education


Courses: All students enrolled to take Bachelor of Arts with Education in FoHSS must register for two Subject Majors. Students may either opt for ARTS (non-language) (i.e. History, Geography, Economics, and Political Science and Public Administration) courses and/or LANGUAGES (i.e. English, French, Kiswahili and English Literature) courses.


The regulation that the number of credits per semester should lie between 60 and 72 is adhered to in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Therefore, students doing ARTS and LANGUAGES courses must register for at least six courses and utmost seven courses per semester. Further, the BA (Ed.) degree programme wants students to register for three College-wide courses, namely Development Perspective I, Development Perspective II and Communication Skills.


Students in the Faculty are required to study Curriculum and Teaching (CT) courses from the Faculty of Education (FoE) for them to qualify for Teaching Profession. While LANGUAGES students take Language Teaching Methods, ARTS (non-language) students take Teaching Methods for Arts. Students taking ARTS and LANGUAGES course must study both Curriculum and Teaching courses. Additionally, students take courses in Education Psychology, Foundations of Education, Measurement and Evaluation as well as School Leadership and Management of Education from FoE.


Mode of Delivery and Examination Regulations: All courses in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are offered under Semester System. This means that students in the Faculty must do two lecture hours and one seminar hour per week per course for the semester.

The coursework in the Faculty is computed through seminar participation and presentation, two individual tests, and take-home assignments as envisaged by the Course Instructor. The minimum marks for coursework is 16 and the maximum is 40. The University Examination (UE) comprises of 60 marks


Candidates who obtain below 16 coursework are given an opportunity to repeat the course through Carry-Over programme. Candidates obtaining below 40 percent in the UE are required to sit for Supplementary Examinations.  





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