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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, as a Constituent College of the University of Dar es Salaam, offers courses designed at the mother university. The main degree programme leads into attainment of the Bachelor of Arts with Education [BA (Ed.)]. The courses are offered in three departments: (i) Department of Economics and Geography, (ii) Department of Languages and Literature, and 9iii) Department of History, Political Science and Development Studies.


Most students in the Faculty opt for combinations of subjects of their choices. The core courses are offered in each department under numerous combinations: Geography and History, Linguistics and Literature, Kiswahili and Linguistics, Literature and Geography, French and Linguistics, Geography and Kiswahili, Geography and Economics, History and Kiswahili, Linguistics and Political Science and Public Administration, History and Political Science and Public Administration etc. Also, the Faculty offers two College-wide courses, namely Development Perspectives (Studies) and Communication Skills.


Currently, the FoHSS, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education at DUCE, has established the Master of Arts with Education ([MA (Ed.)] programme. The masters’ programme has the following streams: Kiswahili Literature, Kiswahili Linguistics, Geography, History, and Linguistics.


The public is hereby notified that the Faculty offers two language-related short courses. First, we have French for Beginners, a short course tailored to assist clients master French language. Second, the Faculty teaches Kiswahili for Foreigners, a short course prepared to enable clients, mainly foreign nationals, master communicative Kiswahili.


In addition, the Faculty offers English Proficiency Certification service in the Department of Languages and Literature. Also, Translation Services are offered in three strands: English and Kiswahili, French and Kiswahili and English and French.


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